Choice and Impact Workshop
Discover the power of choice inherent in every moment and individual
Choice-making and Impact
Great for teams looking to become more present with one another. Participants engage in experiencial learning around key concepts of transformational change. The model of spiritual transformation described by Dallas Willard in Renovation of the Heart undergirds the workshop.
Key Concepts
  •   Parts of the Person
  • Choice
  • Interruption and Application
  • Defining Goodness
  • Impact and Imposition
  • Indirect Action 
Easily applicable to life in ways that make one more present in every day life in profound ways.
 Alice, B.
Course Participant 
Related Artwork
Bring the What We Leave Behind Exhibit to your event for an added illuminated experience for your participants. Physical and digital artwork express the key concepts of the workshop and add a unique creative element to the workshop.
  • Six Physical Pieces
  • 1 Digital Video
  • 1 Digital Audio 

Key Understandings

  • Six concepts associated with individual and communal transformation.
  • The deep connection between the inner or unseen world and external expression or action.
  • Navigating the process of transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to articulate individual choices and discover new moments of choice.
  • Ability to articulate individual impact and discover new moments of impact.
  • Ability to articulate individual desire to engage the process of transformation.
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